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The Wolf howled again – Alhandra under the Spell – Moonspell @ FORTE Music Festival, Alhandra, Portugal (Live Report)


This Extinction tour has been, probably, the most successful Moonspell tour ever. After performing around the world, the band closed the FORTE Music Festival in Alhandra – Portugal last Saturday (June 20th) and gathered an already hungry pack of “wolves”, craving for another gig since their last performance at the Lisbon’s coliseum, last March. This was Alhandra’s first Festival, and although the event lacked better advertising, we must congratulate the organization not only for the stage, sound and space but mainly for being able to present names like Moonspell and Blasted Mechanism in their first FORTE Music Fest edition.

Helio Silver1Ph: Hélio Silver

In this hot Summer solstice night, Moonspell opened with the marvelous instrumental intro from “La Baphomette” that placed the audience right into the “Extinct” album, followed by “Breathe (Until We Are No More)”. The band took us all on an aniversary trip where we could rejoice with the new songs as well as the classics. “Opium”, “Vampiria”, “Alma Mater” and “Ataegina” were some of the most desired songs. Moonspell gave their pack precisely what they wished, showing that their old songs will last in time, with the same power and depth as they had when released. “Now it’s the moment we leave, you whistle, call us back and we sing again for you” said Fernando Ribeiro right before the encore. The night ended, as always, perfectly in “Full Moon… Madness” and Moonspell once more pleased the pack and the Gods, the old and the new, proving that it is always a magic moment to be amonst the wolves, under the Spell.

Helio Silver2Ph: Hélio Silver