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OBLIVION: Called To Rise Streaming In Its Entirety

West Coast extreme metal legion, OBLIVION, recently dropped the molten wares of their Called To Rise full-length upon the masses via Unique Leader Records.


Featuring a compelling cast of characters that includes All Shall Perish’s founding bassist Ben Orum, vocalist Dr. Nick Vasallo, a professor of music and internationally acclaimed modernist composer, guitarists Ted O’Neill and Victor Dods, who’s currently completing his PhD in mathematics, and drum prodigy Luis Martinez, who was trained by renowned jazz funk musician Ndugu Chancler, OBLIVION focuses their collective energy on manifesting maniacal sounds that transcend far beyond the traditional confines of extreme music.

In celebration of its reissuing via Unique Leader last month, is currently streaming Called To Rise in full, at this location:

You can also stream the second song of the album below:


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