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Blutengel + Deine Lakaien @ WGT 2015 – Leipzig, Germany (Live Report)

The story begins here: the first day of the fest… We pick up our press wrists and passes and then we sit down, with some beers, and discuss which bands we are going to see. Now this involves a careful planning since there are more than 200 artists playing in more than 30 venues spread over the city of Leipzig. All of this in only 4 days! And between some venues you need a travel of 30 minutes, sometimes even more. So, the planning has to be carefully done; it is done and then the games begin! In the first day, there are two places to be monitored: the Agra Park and the Altes Landsramt. In the first, the line-up is simply luxurious with L’ÂME IMMORTELLE, BLUTENGEL, DEINE LAKAIEN and EISBRECHER while the Altes Landsramt presents us with the awesome Solsfatir. In the meantime I become concerned because I also want to see the amazing Lisa Cuthbert who plays in the SchauspielHaus. Now that becomes complicated and we shall find a solution for this later!


We missed the first band in the Agra-Park, L’ÂME IMMORTELLE, due to some logistic reasons and missing concerts in WGT is business as usual since there are simply a lot of them! But we saw Blutengel who have a legendary status in the gothic scene and, in particular, ion the German gothic scene. The band delivered a perfect concert full of nice effects such as gigantic screens showing images synchronized with their amazing and hypnotizing music. Plus, the addition of a few female fetish dancers doing some naughty stuff (like undressing and so on…) was also entertaining and fitted like a glove to the music. The concert of Blutengel in WGT was just after their latest tour promoting their newest release “Omen”. This concert of this cult band was my first one and, since I moved to Germany 3 years ago, Blutengel have been crossing my ears either with new releases, concerts or just people around me talking about them. So, it was time to make clear their status and I must say that I was completely amazed: the venue, the Agra-Park, which has capacity for around 8000 people was completely full! Of course, not only for them since after Blutengel the non-less legendary Dein Lakein were taking over the stage. So, it was a wonderful and luxurious line-up for this night.  Anyway, Blutengel proved their status and made every single soul in Agra-Park dance to their hypnotizing beats and tunes. I included!


1. Intro – Sing
2. The War Between Us
3. Lucifer
4. Kinder dieser Stadt
5. Soul Of Ice
6. Dein Gott
7. Krieger
8. Vampire Romance
9. Holy Blood
10. Engelsblut
11. Wir sind was wir sind
12. The Siren
13. You Walk Away
14. Bloody Pleasures
15. Save Us
16. Asche zu Asche
17. Reich mir die Hand


After this awesome concert, there was time for a small rest and some drinks, and the next ones on-stage are the mythical Deine Lakaein. And what a concert it was! Founded in 1985, these guys have been in the scene for many years and have seen several acts come and go! And they stayed to tell the story as they managed to become a legendary act in the Goth scene. As soon as Ernst Honn, the multi-instrumentalist guy behind the crazy sounds of Deine Lakaein, and Alexander Veljanov, the man of the spellbinding voice, step into the stage, the ovation they receive is deafening! Every single soul was waiting for this moment and the wait was over! Deine Lakaein start with “Colourize”, “Reincarnation” and the hypnotizing “Into my Arms”. Alex’s voice is tremendous and drives every single soul present in the Agra-Park into a compelling trip! Many hits were played such as “Fighting The Green”,” Where The Winds Don’t Blow” and “Over And Done”. Every single tune played is a hit and every single body moves with the music as the venue becomes a moving mass of souls driven by the same: Deine Lakaein. And it was beautiful to see and to be part of!

1. Colourize
2. Reincarnation
3. Into My Arms
4. Fighting The Green
5. Over And Done
6. Where You Are
7. Nevermore
8. Gone
9. Return
10. Overpaid
11. Farewell
12. Where The Winds Don’t Blow
13. Crystal Palace
14. Love Me To The End